Opening - Super Smash Bros. Melee is a high quality rip of "Opening" from the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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The rip starts normally, but quickly changes to a video by AMUNO titled "lecole super nitendo"[1]. (The title is a butchering of "L'école Super Nintendo", which translates to "The Super Nintendo School", so a faithful translation of the title would be "teh super nitendo skool".) It is an "animation" about several video game characters, most notably Mario and Luigi, going to the "Super Nintendo School" in a parody of Harry Potter.

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Mario and Luigi are woken up by their angry mother who order them to bring her a kebab. They go to Mickey'bab, held by Mickey Mouse and his dog Scooby-Doo, but Mickey hates them: he spits in the kebab and doubles the price for them, and Luigi has to give up his shoes to make up for it.

While they are coming home, they are spotted by Goomba who told his boss Bowser than the Bros. Brothers are trespassing his turf. Mario and Luigi hide in a phone booth, but are quickly discovered by Bowser and his minions (the Goomba, a Shy Guy, and a Boo). He is about to break their arms and steal their kebab, but Mickey and Scooby arrive and start to chase Bowser's gang while their chasing the Bros. themselves. Luigi lose the kebab during the escape, and the Bros. are forced to come back search for it (now gross and dirty) after being yelled at by their mother.

It is now their first day at the "Super Nintendo School". Bowser is stopped at the gate by Solid Snake because of his inappropriate clothes, so he steal Ness' ones. All the students are welcomed by Dumbledore who present them the Sorting Hat. Link is sent to the Muslim House, while most students - including Luigi and Bowser - are sent to the Retard House. When it is finally Mario's turn, he wishes very hard to not be sent to the Retard House, but the Sorting Hat sends him there anyway.

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  • Outside of the main cast, several (poorly drawn) pop-culture references from various media can be seen in the background, including Lightning McQueen, a Smurf house, Joueur du Grenier, Astérix, Yoda, Gwonam, Courage, Sam & Max, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Franklin, Spider-Man, Mr. Krabs, Pikachu, Homer Simpson, Krusty the Clown, Obélix, Jimmy Neutron, Yoshi, Mark Evans, Goofy, Donald, Louie Duck, Samurai Jack, and Harry Potter.
  • The Shy Guy (incorrectly called "Fantôme" meaning "ghost") is wearing an Olympique de Marseille (a popular French soccer team) scarf. The black Boo is called "Boo Ba", in reference to the French rapper Booba. Finally, Bowser is wearing a "Truand 2 la Galère" shirt in reference to the infamous French rapper Morsay.
  • The "Retard" House is actually the "SEGPA" house in French as in "Section d'Enseignement Général et Professionnel Adapté", which is basically an education program for students in critical difficulty.

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  1. "lecole super nitendo" on YouTube by AMUNO