For the non-reuploaded GiIvaSunner rip that had the same title, see Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 (GiIvaSunner)

Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 is a high quality rip from the game Super Mario Bros. 2.

It was posted for the Channel Ending and features many comments from April to September 2016. It was followed by two sequels: Overworld (Gamma Mix) - Super Mario Bros. 2 and Overworld (OST Version) - Super Mario Bros. 2.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually an imitation of "Thread Simulators" videos[1] which traditionally use "Overworld" as their background music. The concept of this kind of videos is to collect cringeworthy comments on a given subject and put them in text-to-speech programs.

Comments list Edit




Comment source Notes Voice
0:00 - 0:20 "First" comments
0:02 Sana Yuuki first op VoiceForge WiseGuy

(SiIvaGunner/Garfielf Voice)

0:03 The BZB YTP's & Games First
0:04 Darius Lewis FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRST Microsoft Sam?

also, first

0:11 My Buddy Dix First!

Also second!

And third!

YouTube is viewed in Korean
0:14 turdl3 first! xd
  • who the fuck liked this comment I will find you
VoiceForge JerkFace
0:20 - 0:40 Normal comments
0:20 hey it's pastarrie this gave me depression
0:22 SekruTheGreat
  • Litten Kitten AKA Char-Gamer 2.0
this song made me eat my younger brother alive
  • wtf
0:25 anime ruined my life You little shit
0:26 Dynamo Alligatz My boy you meme at like 70 fucking MPH lmao
0:32 nuclear Protocol I disliked, then the orgasm came on, so I liked it Microsoft Sam
0:36 justin Sarmiento It's just you screaming and the Sticker Star Title Theme. -_- Title Screen - Paper Mario: Color Splash
0:40 - 1:28 Complaints about Snow halation Super Mario Bros. 2 theme is replaced by Snow halation
0:40 TheBrawlUnit TODOCANCER Freezeezy Peak - Banjo-Kazooie
0:42 Gonzalo Perez What the fuck is Snow halation ?!
  • Not funny
1st part: VoiceForge WiseGuy
0:45 TJ "Henry" Yoshi Everyone is so salty about the snow halation OddCast Daniel (UK)
0:47 [ghost]ayylmao[ghost] Was great until Forced Halation reared its ugly head
0:51 lucas silva >open video

>sees dislikes

Oh boy, here comes Snow halation

Freezeezy Peak - Banjo-Kazooie
0:57 Kharkov 72 I just do it because TODODEKE is actually a bad and uncatchy song, so the dislike bar helps others (like me) to tell if this is a rip we should skip
1:06 aconnor96 LE SNOW HALATION XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD... Microsoft Sam
1:27 Benju-Katchowee todokete
1:28 - 1:55 Comments about Triple-Q Super Mario Bros. 2 theme with "op" sample, and then mashed up with "Before my body is dry" from Kill la Kill
1:28 Zacharie I hope ur fucking happy Triple
1:31 Tim IRL Did Triple-Q do this
1:33 Jake Seary This has Triple-Q's vomit-like stench all over it
1:36 prstont7 I'm sure Triple-Q barfed on that rip
1:39 Ron -Kun Hi Triple-Q VoiceForge WiseGuy
1:41 Henry Buehler
  • Trebolt
Fuck off Triple-Q

I didn't unsubscribe so I could hear more of your mashups

  • Except Triple-Q has been off the team for about a month
1:50 PattyMcGarvs Wow, 3 vids released at once? He made a Triple Queue!

1:55 - 3:46

Normal comments
1:55 Julian Paparelli man why theme of flintstone in all
1:57 InfinityAlex Mr Lange is part of SiIvaGunner. That alone means they have unlimited soundfonts and can sample literally anything.
2:06 xXdj_green_toadXx 26 these aren't funny there annoying I'll just look up a song like this and I find this and you're ruining a good song
  • this song is dumb you're just ruing a good song
2:20 Calico Trash man That image is pretty low-quality SiIva.
  • Nevermind, I was on 144p. I'm the low-quality one.
VoiceForge WiseGuy
2:28 Spicie Desu go my way!!?? i got a boner!!!!
2:31 premium cancer fuck you and your shitty video game music channel VoiceForge JerkFace
2:35 Jesus Christ™ low quality DOWN THUMBERED
2:36 Arukon Wouldn't it be strange if it came out that GiIvaSunner was a government experiment?
2:41 Arbitrary Communist Pistol I was expecting to see the television show JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's theme song incorporated into this now low quality rip, and was subsequently thus thoroughly disappointed due to the fact that this low quality rip did not include JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's theme song.
2:58 CookiePaladin I expected JoJo


VoiceForge JerkFace
3:02 Patrick Bateman
  • Sam Rixk
  • Patrick Bateman
that's not funnt
  • it isn't
  • it's really not
3:07 Rising Hero Me:(check my subscription box) Holy shit!!!!!


3:12 Akfamilyhome nice Guitar Lesson - Rhythm Heaven Akfamilyhome is the creator of the rip he commented on.
3:13 Akfamilyhome & others nice (x10) Guitar Lesson - Rhythm Heaven
3:13 Akfamilyhome & others, including Flustered Fernando nice (x44) Guitar Lesson - Rhythm Heaven
3:17 Kalas Eternal Wings when I hear the flntstones opening I knew something was wrong
3:21 Kaden Wagner Wtf is the guy in the corner me? One of the Rhythm Heaven rips. The commenter's avatar featured a meme character who looked similar to one of the characters on the Rhythm Heaven image. The image is included for reference, and at 3:25 a comparison close up on the avatar and the Rhythm Heaven character is given.
3:26 itskidd s'il vous gunner Pun on the French expression "s'il vous plaît" and 'SilvaGunner". The ripper who took the screenshot liked that comment.
3:27 Byakuya Togameme wtf i this cancer fuck sivagunner
3:31 Nigel Smith (Melanistic)
  • Nigel Smith (Melanistic)
3:33 creamy mami
  • Surge Protector
  • Krysion
  • Anim Soultron
  • Heavykiin
  • Takeshi
  • MarioMario1891
  • King Dedede
oh my god i just now realized why today's rips have a bird theme
  • Why
  • Why?
  • Why
  • Why
  • Why.
  • Why
  • y
Hoot the Owl - Super Mario 64 DS Takeshi's comment voiced by dog barking, due to their dog avatar.
3:43 Mildly Disgruntled Pikachu This is proof that God is dead

Trivia Edit

  • There has also been an earlier rip titled Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 on the GiIvaSunner channel, which was deleted when the channel got terminated, and hasn't been officially reuploaded since. See Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 (GiIvaSunner) for more details.

References Edit

  1. "Thread Simulators" on Know Your Meme