For the lost rip that had the same title, see Overworld Map - Pokémon GO (July 17, 2016 rip).

"Overworld Map - Pokémon GO" is a high quality rip of "Overworld Map" from the game Pokémon GO.

Jokes Edit

The rip is actually a mashup of POKEMON GO SONG!!! by Misha and The Nutshack intro. The original song "Overworld Map" is not present in the rip. The Nutshack starts playing at 0:16.

Trivia Edit

  • This rip is the first appearance of POKEMON GO SONG!!!
  • There has also been an earlier rip titled Overworld Map - Pokémon GO, which was later removed. See Overworld Map - Pokémon GO (July 17, 2016 rip) for more details.
  • The same idea was used in an earlier non-high quality rip by SupraDarkly, uploaded to their channel on July 29, 2016[1]. SupraDarkly jokingly accused SiIvaGunner of plagiarism on Twitter[2].
  • Originally, the "Music:" line in the description said "Overworld Map (Beta Mix)"[3]. A possible theory is that it was originally supposed to be this rip's title, to distinguish it from the previous rip of the same name (see the second paragraph). However, the rip was uploaded without a version in its title[4]. That line in the description was changed to say "Overworld Map" later at an unknown date (possibly later than 3 months before May 25, 2017[5]).

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