POKEMON GO SONG!!! by MISHA (FOR KIDS) or I Play Pokémon Go Everyday! is a song by a Czech 10-year-old kid, Misha.

History Edit

The song was uploaded on Misha's YouTube channel (named Misha / Mishovy šílenosti) on 16 Jul, 2016. The video went viral in many countries, especially thanks to the reaction and commentary channels, and the popularity of the game Pokémon GO.

The song is known for having bad singing, but a really catchy melody. The video was viewed more than 50 million times.

Rips Edit

Pokémon GO Song!!! only became a meme on SiIvaGunner's channel the last two weeks of August, 2016.

On 29 Aug, 2016, the channel banner was changed into Misha doing a middle finger. 1 hour later, the lighthouse with all the memes on the channel banner was gone.

Lyrics Edit

Click "Show lyrics" to see the lyrics.

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