Pebble Man - LISA: The Painful is a high quality medley rip of "Pebble Man" from the game LISA: The Painful.

Jokes Edit

Like many medley rips, the original song's melody is performed by several SiIvaGunner channel memes. The guitar from the original song makes its appearance as well.

Time stamp Song Source Notes
0:00 Gangnam Style PSY A sample of "op"
0:08 Fuck Bees

Huey Lewis and the News Penn Jillette Vinesauce

"Fuck" sample from Penn & Teller: Bullshit! 's 11th episode "Eat This!"
0:17 Bangarang Skrillex ft. Sirah Guitar riff
0:30, 1:36 Bangarang,

Gangnam style, airhorn

Skrillex ft. Sirah, PSY "Bangarang" / bass-drop sample, "Ayyy", airhorn sound
1:06 Air horn  Stock effect sound Air horn sound
Thrift Shop Macklemore "What" and the beat from the noise
Joel's reaction to 7 GRAND DAD Vinesauce Joel "Grand", "Dad"
1:24 Forever Turbo Heat Dance LISA: The Painful Percussion sound