"Prologue - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis" is a lore video and the prologue to the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis event.

The song "First Contact" from Kirby Planet Robobot plays during this rip.

Plot summary Edit

SiIvaGunner was peacefully asleep at home after uploading his magnum opus (and after Wood Man's takeover) when a shadowy figure sneaked into his home. It was the Voice Inside Your Head who directly headed to his computer and began materializing various Figments into the real world: Tito Dick, Sens, Robbie Rotten and many others began to appear into the room visibly dazed by the process.

Finally, the computer materialized an asleep President Haltmann. The Voice immediately jumped into his mechanized chair and flew through the roof of the house. He began to use the technology of the chair to materialize highly advanced building all around Grandiose City, finally striking the lighthouse and turning it into his eventual HQ.

Meta Knight, Grand Dad, and Loud Nigra started an assault against the Voice aboard the Halberd but were immediately bombarded by him and put down. Patrol-Bots appeared and began capturing all the Figments, except for Smol Nozomi who managed to escape them.

Hahahahaha... I'm back.

Gallery Edit

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