For the bean rip with the same name, see Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot (Bean Rip).

"Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot" is a high quality rip of "Program Rhythm" from the game Kirby Planet Robobot. It was removed from the channel.


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"Puzzle Room" starts normal, but the second part is replaced by the song "Continue?" from a bootleg Felix the Cat game. Indeed, the stems and melody of "Continue?" are similar to the second part of "Puzzle Room".

The bootleg Felix the Cat game appeared in a Vinesauce Joel stream. While the game itself is usual, the game over screen, displaying the russian words "да" and "нет" while the music "Continue?" plays, features Felix the Cat ripping his own head, making it "out-of-nowhere" shock content.

"Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot" intended to reproduce that effect. At the end of the rip, the words "да" and "нет" (Russian words for "yes" and "no") appear on the screen, each annotated. If you chose да, it would link to a music video of "Carlito - Russkij Pusskij". If you chose нет, it would link you to some shock footage of a "harlequin baby" (a child with a birth defect where they are born with peeling scale-like skin and red eyes). If you wait long enough a black hand comes on the screen and selects "нет", which then shows a picture of the harlequin baby with Kirby Triple Deluxe's Hypernova filter applied over it.


The video was soon removed. The SiIva crew broke out of character and posted an apology video which explained that someone on the team uploaded the video without consent (later revealed as Le Ruse Bird) and was removed from the uploading team (but is still allowed to create rips). The video was reuploaded on Le Ruse Bird's YouTube channel, Happy Happy Cultist.

Trivia Edit

  • Le Ruse Bird, the creator of the rip, stated that when HET was selected, he was originally going to have a picture of Kirby ripping his skin off. However, the picture did not exist, so he instead decided to put in a harlequin baby.[2]
  • A second version was uploaded, only instead of the harlequin baby, it ends with Green de la Bean. да makes the video restart, while нет leads to a conspiracy theory about Michelle Obama being male. It was later removed when SiIva removed all the Bean rips, but it has been re-uploaded on Flustered Fernando's channel.
  • A combination of this variant and the bean variant is likely referenced with the name of the "Harlequin Force Stringbots" (Beanbots) that appear in the SiIvaGunner CCC.
  • Volume 4 contains an album-exclusive rip titled "The infamous Kirby puzzle room rip" which is made by Shengda Baba. However, it's actually the track "Puzzle Challenge" from the game Kirby Triple Deluxe with Loud Nigra playing over it.

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