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A rip, in the context of video games, refers to a song or audio file extracted from the files of a game, completely un-modified.

On the SiIvaGunner channel, however, instead of being straight video game music, the songs (or "high quality rips") featured on the channel are generally remixed, or involved in a mashup with other songs or memes.

Format Edit

The objective of the channel, originally, was to pretend that these "high quality rips" are not modified, in a attempt to imitate regular ripping channel GilvaSunner, and successfully "bait and switch" viewers of the channel. However, over time, the motive of the users behind the SiIvaGunner channel have changed to producing "high quality rips" for the sake of entertainment.

Video descriptions Edit

Rips are, like GilvaSunner's uploads, YouTube video uploads that are titled in the format "Song Title - Game Name", with a description that usually reads:


Please read the channel description.

However, with "lore" channel events such as the Reboot and The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, the description's catchphrase has changed as new channel hosts takeover the channel. These hosts are also responsible for the changing profile pictures and channel descriptions of the channel.

Channel descriptions Edit

When the SiIvaGunner channel was first created as the GiIvaSunner channel, the channel description mimicked GiIvaSunner's channel description:

The current channel description is:

This is a channel dedicated to uploading high quality rips of video game music. Currently operated by Haltmann Works Co, Ltd.

Net worth: 17,200 billion Haltmanns Current top bidder: Loadsamoney Bid: Loads

Playlists Edit

See also: List of playlists

Almost every rip and lore video is put into a playlist corresponding to the ripped game. Occasionally, some fake games are ripped as an excuse to upload non-video game music. In addition, a couple of playlists, especially the Undertale playlist, have been altered to include irrelevant videos as another part of the "bait-and-switch" joke.

Jokes Edit

Rips are modified from the original track in several ways:

Melody change Edit

One of the most prominent bait-and-switch on the channel is the melody change (or melody swap). It consists of playing a different song than the one put in the title, but with the same intstruments that the ones used in the game, effectively making him sound like an authentic song. 7 GRAND DAD jokes used this technique during the early days of the channel.

Soundfont change Edit

The soundfont change is quite the opposite of the melody change. It consists of playing the song advertised in the title, but with a soundfont from another game.

Time travel Edit

The time travel rips are a subcategory of both melody and soundfont changes. It applies when the modified rip results in a song from a specific franchise played in the soundfont from an earlier or later game from the same franchise. Kirby, Sonic, and Donkey Kong rips are prone to this.

Melody addition Edit

When dealing with sampled music, changing the melody is a lot more difficult since every instrument has to be resampled from the audio and the melody cannot be edited like a simple MIDI file. One of SiIvaGunner's frequent technic in order to rip sampled music is to put the melody into samples or external instruments and superpose it to the track, kind of like a mashup. This is called a melody addition.

Arrangement Edit

Arrangements are rips featuring a song remade in a different style and instrumentation. Generally, a different song than the track from the title of the rip is being arranged in the instruments of the game being ripped. It differs from a melody change by altering the chords, accompaniment, and make the melody absent or less present. The only common things are the instrumentation and the style. NES games, due to all using the same synthesizer, are easily prone to arrangements.

Midi swap/slap Edit

A midi swap or midi slap refers to taking a midi and applying straight another soundfont on it without any other changes. Though being easy to make, it often does not resemble to the original and so cannot pretend to bait-and-switch people. While SiIvaGunner have uploaded midi swaps/slaps, they are not recommended in user submissions.

Switcheroo Edit

The switcheroo is a bait-and-switch put to the extreme. It is when there is (almost) no trace of the original song whatsoever, switching it to a completely different track. The Circus rips are infamous examples of this.

Mashup Edit

Mashups consist of putting elements from another source along with the original source. It goes from adding simple sound effects (like Loud Nigra or Vinesauce Joel) to inharmonious mixing several songs together, but most rips try to create a cohesive result often by using the acapella version of one song and the instrumental of another one.

Medley rips Edit

Rips are considered medley when they feature modifications from at least 5 different sources. They can be both melody changes (like Stage Select - Mega Man 3) or mashups (like P-R-O-G-R-A-M (Vagrant Counting Song of Retrospection) - Kirby Planet Robobot).

Cover/Remix Edit

Covers and remixes are original rendition of the songs, sometimes for comedic effects (like the kazoo rips). There are a bunch of subcategories:

Word salad Edit

Word salad rips or sentence-mixing rips consist of mixing the lyrics of a song to create completely different lines for comedic effects. "DK Rap" and "Unknown from M.E.‎" are known for those kind of rips.

Redub Edit

A redub rip consist of the contributor personally singing the lyrics (often bad for comedic effect) and/or creating new one (referencing the lore and other memes). Xenoblade Chronicles X and "Snow halation" are often victim of this, and one of the most recurring perpetrator is Bob Dylan.

Blue balls Edit

Blue balls rips consist of playing one portion of the song over and over and over and over... in a seemingly infinite loop.

Memes Edit

See also: Memes, Category:Rips featuring..., and List of SiIvaGunner memes

See also Edit

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