"Sailing Ambience - Raven's Cry" is high quality rip by SiIvaGunner of "Sailing Ambience" from Raven's Cry.

The rip was the first rip[1] uploaded for the Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 event.

Joke Edit

The rip is a tribute to Jerma985's video "Raven's Cry is a Finished Game". The video features the patch of Raven's Cry where the captain would frequently swear at his crew members to simultaneous encourage and insult them.

The comical insults from Raven's Cry appear throughout the rip, ending with Jerma985's hoarse laugh from his video.

There is no track in the Raven's Cry soundtrack named "Sailing Ambience".

Trivia Edit

  • SiIvaGunner left a comment on this video that said:

I only be haulin' in high quality ships!

References Edit

  1. Marioshi. "SiIvaGunner Rips Comments". Pastebin. "I initially thought [Talk Like a Pirate Day] was going to be an album, and I made this track to serve as an eventual introduction to it. The album never came out, but the rip had the honor to open the day."