"I only upload high quality video game rips."

SiIvaGunner[note 1] (typically /ˈsiːvəɡʌnər/), originally known as (and still referred to as such on Bandcamp) GiIvaSunner[note 1] (typically /ˈgiːvəsʌnər/), is a collaborative YouTube channel[1] made as a parody account to GilvaSunner, a video game music ripping channel.

Under a character of the same name, SiIvaGunner's videos consist of bait and switch videos, with jokes, memes or parodies of video game music.

On September 30, 2016, the SiIvaGunner channel has announced that it will stop uploading rips,[2] but since then has continued uploading regularly, even celebrating the anniversary of the channel on January 9th.

Character Edit

SiIvaGunner has the same avatar as GiLvaSunner (glitch art of Antinous), except it has an eyepatch and horn similar to Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

He rarely comments on the videos, saying sometimes "I only upload high quality video game rips." to people who insinuated that a rip was low quality. The description of his videos is "Please read the channel description". It is a reference to when the channel description used to read "All uploads are submitted by a small group of content creators".

When he releases an album, he usually complains that the names of his high quality rips don't match the names of the tracks. In high quality rips such as "Futari Happiness (NOZOMI Mix) - Love Live! School idol festival", he is voiced by the text-to-speech voice Wiseguy from VoiceForge[3].

On October 1, 2017, the origins of the SiIvaGunner character were explained in the high quality rip named "The Creation of GiIvaSunner [FILE-01] - Haltmann's Archives". The rip reveals that GiIvaSunner was carved from a meteor that crash-landed outside of the Tokyo Marunouchi Station after the meteor was bought by an unknown man for 562315000¥. GiIvaSunner comes to life, kills his creator and hijacks his computer.

History Edit

GiIvaSunner Era (January 2016 - April 2016) Edit

The original channel, GiIvaSunner, was made on January 9th, 2016 by Chaze the Chat. After creating what would become the first rips, he wanted to do an impostor channel where even if the content is not what was expected, it's something enjoyable. The first high quality rip he made and uploaded was a Pokémon rip.

Near the end of February, there were a few rips, and the channel started getting noticed by well-known individuals such as cobanermani456 and Temmie Chang on Twitter[4][5][6][7]. The channel started getting a steady flow of subscribers on February 20. On February 21 it surpassed one hundred subscribers, then surpassed five hundred on February 27. The subscriber flow rose drastically on February 28, with over 2,400 users subscribing that day (bringing the channel to over 3,000 subs).[2] From February 28 to March 13, the channel gained subscribers in the thousands almost every day (the record was set on March 8, with over 4,000 users subscribing that day), later the flow subsided to hundreds every day. The channel surpassed ten thousand subscribers on March 4, twenty thousand on March 10, and finally thirty thousand on March 24. By April 6, 2016, GiIvaSunner had 35,857 subscribers, and his videos had over ten million views total[8].

The GiIvaSunner team made an album: GilvaSunner's Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1. On April 1st, they uploaded normal rips as an April Fool's Day joke. They also made a fake second album that day: GiIvaSunner's HighestQuality Video Game Rips Volume 2 (anouncement.wmv).

On April 6, 2016, at some between 2:01 and 2:11 p.m.,[9] the GiIvaSunner channel was terminated. Reacting to this, the real GiLvaSunner stated that he was okay with the channel[10]. The channel GiLvaSunner[11] was a tribute to the original channel SiLvaGunner[12][13]. The GiIvaSunner team used the name SiIvaGunner for a new channel. Tainic had created a channel named SiIvaGunner a month before so the GiIvaSunner team moved on to his channel[2].

SiIvaGunner "Season 1" (April 2016 - October 2016) Edit

The GilvaSunner channel team kept making rips on the channel SilvaGunner. The channel is still up to this day. After some time, a lore started appearing on the channel: the channel was rebooted. On September 30, 2016, Chaze the Chat announced that the channel was ending. The supposedly last rip, "Title Theme - 7 GRAND DAD" was released on October 29.

SiIvaGunner "Season 2" (November 2016 - December 2017) Edit

Channel events Edit

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The Reboot (June 2016 - July 2016)Edit

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In May and June 2016, through 2 rips of "Megalovania", Chad Warden told the fans to stop disliking "Snow halation" rips. This created "community discourse", which was loaded by The Voice Inside Your Head into SiIvaGunner's new ripping software and led to a reboot of the channel, happening from June 17 to July 9. The biggest memes, as well as a few rips, were replaced with alternate versions: "GO MY WAY!!" replaced "Snow halation", and The Simpsons and Family Guy replaced "Meet the Flintstones". The Voice Inside Your Head then offered Chad Warden a deal to merge the original universe with the rebooted one, but without "Snow halation". Reluctantly, Chad agreed, in an attempt to restore the original memes. In the end, Chad Warden realized the power that "Snow halation" represented, and sacrificed himself to defeat the Voice and bring back "Snow halation". However, this was not the end...

The Christmas Comeback Crisis (December 2016 – present)Edit

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Chad Warden's sacrifice seemed to have ended the Voice, however he was resurrected by Wood Man as a Figment. The Voice took over Grandiose City and began purging all anime, the true nature of his quest for world domination. Despite his best efforts, Smol Nozomi was able to escape, thus beginning The SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

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