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This is a fan-run wiki about the collaborative music channel SiIvaGunner and its content.

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Channel events

~~~Recent events (November / December)~~~

Submit your own Christmas-themed or Smash Bros. rips to the channel! Info here: Tweet
  • December 6: The Grinch takeover - It's the Grinch! He's leaked the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and now he's leaked the MAGFest 2019 SiIvaGunner panel!
  • December 1: Winter Holidays 2018 - It's the winter holidays, and SiIvaGunner is sporting a fine-looking Santa hat. Wait, what's that on the banner...?
  • November 30: Daddy Anniversary - It's the stylish and sexy anniversary of PSY's "Daddy"! Get it from your (grand) daddy now!
  • October 31 - November 7: (???) - it's Halloween Day, and two silhouetted figures have taken over the SiIvaGunner channel...