The Manual of Style is a styling guide that articles and pages of the SiIvaGunner Wikia should follow to ensure consistency over the articles.

The formatting may not be appliable on every circunstance, and editors can use their own judgement to keep the page to follow as much as possible of the guide while prioritizing that the page should be well presented and clear.

Wikipedia's manual of style are good guidelines to follow.

Infoboxes Edit

See Help:Infobox for some background on how infoboxes work.

Rip Edit

Use the rip infobox when creating a rip article. See Template:Rip/doc for how to use the Rip infobox.

You can leave some parameters empty if you don't know what should be in it. Especially the Ripper(s), Track(s) and Album(s) stay empty for a long time until the Bandcamp album is released.

The Image parameter should be the thumbnail of the rip. Always check if there already is the image you are looking for. You can just search the name of the game the rip is from in the search bar.

If there is no results, see here how to get a thumbnail from a YouTube video. Upload the image to the SiIvaGunner Wikia with the exact same name of the playlist if possible, or if the rip has a different picture than the playlist, it should be the name of the rip.

Then in the infobox, type the full name of the image (with its extension) in the Image parameter.

The Date should be in the format Mon Day, Year (with the month being 3 letters long).

The Length should be in the format XX:XX:XX.

If you are using the Visual Editor, in order to make an external link with a title to the video, you need to write:[ Title]. You can replace the url and "Title" by whatever you want to. This is really useful for filling the Rip, Playlist, Track and Album parameters. For the first two, the name should not be too long, so something like "Link" or "Rip link" is really appreciated. For the Ripper(s), Track(s) and Album(s) optional names, it should be the exact official names. Remember to check SiIvaGunner's bandcamp.

Ripper(s) is an optional parameter that should link to the Contributor page if the wiki have one and if the Contributor is known. On Bandcamp, Barney Rubble and Shengda Baba stand for an anonymous contributor. Try to avoid red links in the Infobox.

Album(s) should link to the Albums the rip appears in, with the articles on the wiki. If there isn't an article about the album on the wiki, you can link to the album on Bandcamp or make a red link.

Note: The rips, even some old ones, are not all in an album.

Track(s) is an external link to the track of the album on Bandcamp, if it is released.

If you have any doubts on how to use the last 3 parameters, check DK Rap (Unused Version).

Album Edit

See Template:Album/doc for how to use the Album infobox.

Meme Edit

See Template:Meme for how to use the Meme infobox.

Rips Edit

See also: SiIvaGunner Wikia:Manual of Style/Rips

The page start with a brief description explaining what is the original song name. If the name differs from the original, this must be pointed out. Then, write the origin of the song used (generally a video game).

Sections Edit

Rips should have a section named "Jokes" to explain any joke, meme or reference being made in the rip; for example, "The melody of the advertised track is replaced with 'Meet the Flintstones'".

On a medley rip, you can use a Jokes list section instead of a Jokes section. The table used to stock the references should be in a sortable format. To do this, edit the article in the Source Editor and replace the first line of the table: {| class="article-table" with {| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table sortable" (or {| class="wikitable sortable"). If you don't know all the jokes in a rip, add the notice template {{incompletelist}} to the top of the table.

If there's any other relevant information that doesn't fit in any other section, then it should be present in a Trivia section.

Formatting Edit

When writing an article, certain words should be formatted with italics, bolding, or with "quotation marks":

  • Games and SiIvaGunner albums should be in italics using two apostrophes (''italicized text'')
  • The first mention of the rip's name should be in the intro-paragraph and bolded ('''bolded text'''
  • Songs, tracks and rips should be surrounded by "quotes"
  • Artists and composers are left as normal text

Categories Edit

Categories should be added to help readers to navigate between different articles. Adding categories is as simple as using the "Categories" module, or by typing <code>[[Category:X]]</code> on to the bottom of the article, where "X" is the name of the category.

Rip pages need the following categories:

Some rip pages also have known authors and album releases:

Most of the time, the Rip infobox will automatically categorize everything except "Category:Rips by joke" and "Category:Rips featuring...". These two categories need to be manually added by editors.

Memes Edit

If the meme is a song with lyrics (a mashup source like Soulja Boy or The Nutshack for example), you can get the lyrics on a website and copy paste them on the wikia article in a Lyrics section.

The lyrics may vary depending on the website, so you should create a Reference after the Lyrics section and a References section at the end of the article where you add a References list.

See Help:Cite for help with the references and references list.

In order to show the lyrics properly, you have to use the Wikitext tags "<poem> </poem>" with the SOURCE EDITOR ONLY, else it will skip a line at every line break.

See Help:Wikitext and Help:Wikitext/tag examples for help with the links and the tags.

If you have made a Playlist of all rips featuring this meme, you can make an external link to it in a Playlist section.

The article should feature a link to the original source (many articles don't have it), preferably in the External links section.

The order of the article should be like this:

  • Description of the meme and of its use in SiIvaGunner Rips
  • Lyrics (section)
  • See also (section)
  • Playlist (section)
  • References (section)
  • External links (section)

Work in progress

Collaborators Edit

See Template:Collaborator/doc for help with the Collaborator Infobox.

Example of a simple article : Collaborator Infobox (name, profile picture, links to SoundCloud, Youtube, Twitter) History with references. See Triple-Q as an example.

We don't have information about how the people behind the channel make "memes" and decide songs so please keep the interpretation in these articles to a minimum. If you affirm something about someone, you'd have to source it with a reference.


Playlist categoriesEdit

Playlist categories should link to their respective playlists from the SiIvaGunner channel. For categories of video games, the infobox Template:Game should be used, and sections with these titles should be on the page:

  • "Summary" - a short introduction to the game and its premise
  • "Playlist" - a bulleted list with just the track name.
    • For different versions of a track, add indented bullet points underneath the rip that doesn't have parentheses for the version.
  • "References in other rips" - for rips from other games that reference tracks used in the playlist

Remember to categorize these playlist categories under Category:Playlists.


Playlist categories should receive the same name of the playlist in the SiIvaGunner channel. If a name is not possible to reproduce in the wiki, the character should be ignored. A technical list of invalid names can be seen on the MediaWiki website.

If there are useful alternative names to a playlist, they should be redirects to the original name.


Images of playlists should receive the same name of their respective playlist from the SiIvaGunner channel. These images need to be the same from the channel's playlist, or an alternative that looks close enough.

Check the guide on how to extract the thumbnail of a video.

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