Slider - Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the name of two rips of "Slider" from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Both videos are references to GilvaSunner's video "Snowmobile Accident" (which uses "Slider" from Super Mario Galaxy 2) and the SiIvaGunner parody of the same name.

The rip was uploaded twice on the United States holiday Groundhog Day as a reference to the movie of the same name.

Rips of GilvaSunner's non-rip videos
Remixes and collabs

Existent: Dedede Fusion CollabGreen Greens Fusion CollabFile Select Fusion
Gourmet Race Fusion CollabKirby Winter Medley
Non-existent: LightWood Man Fusion Collab

Snowmobile Accident
Snowmobile AccidentSlider - Super Mario Galaxy 2

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