Smooth is a 1999 rock single by the Latin band Santana with guest vocalist Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20) that features in their album Supernatural. It is also commonly referred as "It's a hot one", the first line of lyrics from the song. It also became the source of a copypasta meme saying "I’d Rather Be Listening to Grammy-Award Winning 1999 Hit Smooth By Santana Feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty".

The song was introduced as a minor meme during the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis era, but became more and more popular each time it was featured. It eventually reached its peak just before the February 2017 hiatus with the consecutive release of Smooth - Guitar Hero II - a crossover with Snow halation - and Pause Screen (Mother's Caption) - Kirby Planet Robobot, a lore-filled rip where it was featured alongside major memes such as mm2wood.

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