Smooth is a 1999 rock single by the Latin band Santana with guest vocalist Rob Thomas (of Matchbox 20) that features in their album Supernatural. It is also commonly referred as "It's a hot one", the first line of lyrics from the song. It also became the source of a copypasta meme saying "I’d Rather Be Listening to Grammy-Award Winning 1999 Hit Smooth By Santana Feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty".

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The song was introduced as a minor meme during the SiIvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis era, but became more and more popular until it was a major meme each time it was featured. It eventually reached its peak just before the February 2017 hiatus with the consecutive release of Smooth - Guitar Hero II - a crossover with Snow halation - and Pause Screen (Mother's Caption) - Kirby Planet Robobot, a lore-filled rip where it was featured alongside major memes such as mm2wood.

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