"Smooth" is a high quality rip from Guitar Hero II.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a combination of the vocals of "Smooth" with the instrumental of "Snow halation". The guitar the standard melody in major key, and then CGI snow effects fade in, along with the μ's snowy stage panning down, Santana fading in and Rob Thomas fading in and singing. 

At the marks 0:52-1:02 and 3:11-3:21, Rob Thomas sings to the melody of "Snow halation" but with "Man it's a hot one, cause you're so smooth" added in.

At the marks 1:03-1:13 and 2:26-2:37, Honoka Kousaka fades in and sings her portion of "Snow halation". 

At the marks 1:14-1:24 and 2:37-2:48, segments from the original "Smooth" music video are used. 

At the marks 2:15-2:26 and 3:22-3:32, Michael Jackson can be seen singing his portions of "Smooth Criminal". 

From 2:48 to 3:09, a fragment of the original "Snow halation" music video plays. Afterwards, the snowy stage changes from blue to yellow. 

At 4:02, an image of Ed Robertson, co-founder of the band Barenaked Ladies, appears and sings "It's been", a sample from their song "One Week".

The rip ends with the words "I'd Rather Be Listening To The Three-Time Grammy Award Winning 1999 Summer Hit "Smooth" by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20", in style of the Love Live! School idol festival logo. 

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  • The rip was uploaded on Rob Thomas's 45th birthday.
  • This is one of the final videos prior to the Monochrome Pause.
  • The description reads "I order you three read the channel description".
  • The use of "Smooth", "Smooth Criminal" and "One Week" is a reference to Neil Cicierega's "Smooth", a mashup which combines the three.

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