The Jolly Flying Man - EarthBound is a high quality rip from the game EarthBound.

Jokes Edit

The original EarthBound song features a melody that's very similar to Wario's singing in Pause Screen - Wario World, an older medley rip that was famous for its 50+ minute length and containing a huge load of references. After 30 seconds, Pause Screen fades into the rip, and Wario takes over with another meme medley, keeping the drum beat from The Jolly Flying Man. At 3:12, SiIvaGunner stops the rip saying: "No! Stop! I'm not doing 50 more minutes of this!" which is again a reference to the aforementioned Pause Screen - Wario World rip.

Joke list Edit

Time Song name Source
0:37 Pause Screen Wario World
0:54 Slider Super Mario 64
1:05 Cirno's Perfect Math Class IOSYS
1:15 He's a Pirate Pirates of the Caribbean
1:30 The Nutshack NUMP
1:41 Night Walk Rhythm Tengoku
1:51 The Time Is Now John Cena
2:01 Creative Exercise Mario Paint
2:11 U Guessed It OG Maco
2:21 We Are Number One Máni Svavarsson
2:31 POKEMON GO SONG!!! Misha
2:41 Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans Toby Fox
2:51 Smiles and Tears EarthBound
3:11 SiIvaGunner stops the rip

Trivia Edit