The MF Like Button is a red button with a "thumbs-up emoji" on it, and 2 yellow "okay" symbol emoji on the upper sides in a placement resembling a sort of decorative pair of wings. The power of the MF Like was used by Chad Warden to (temporarily) defeat The Voice during the events of "Melody of the Heart".

Powers Edit

As Chad states, the MF Like button is an expression of love, and as such, is powered by positive feelings, especially clicking "like" on rips that you love. According to The Voice, the button's power is too strong for neither Chad, nor himself to handle, although its powers are never fully explained.

Role in Lore Edit

The Button makes its first, and so far, only, physical appearance in the Reboot finale; "Melody of the Heart ~ True Ending". It is pulled out by Chad Warden after The Voice tries to convince him to rule the channel by his side, and a speech about how SiIva owes nobody nothing and they're just doing what they love because they love it. It is not certain if the button itself caused the downfall of The Voice, and the recoil of its power killed Chad, or if some other force did.