"The Prelude - Final Fantasy VI" is a high quality rip of "The Prelude" from the game Final Fantasy VI.

Jokes Edit

The advertised track turns into "Canon in D" (by Johann Pachelbel), then several songs that use the infamous four Magic Chords (I–V–vi–IV chord progression). It also features a couple songs that don't use the infamous chord progression, such as The Nutshack theme song or "Crawling".

Joke list Edit




0:25/0:38 Canon in D
0:51 superman (goldfinger)
1:04 Basket Case Green Day
1:16 Snow halation Love Live!
1:30 Graduation Vitamin C
1:44 ???
1:56 Radical Dreamers Chrono Trigger
2:08 ???
2:20 We're not gonna take it
2:34 forever young
2:46 Let It Be The Beatles
3:00 Torn
Sk8r Boy
Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Elton John
Superman Five for Fighting
Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson
The Nutshack Intro The Nutshack
Badminton Mini Game
Dammit Blink-182
Let it Go Frozen
Crawling Linkin Park

Trivia Edit

Similar medleys have been made by various comedians, e.g. Rob Paravonian[1] and The Axis of Awesome[2].

Reference list Edit


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