The Voice Inside Your Head, also known as the Gay Mexican Ass in my Ass by Chad Warden, is a mysterious entity that hates anime high quality rips like "Snow halation" and "GO MY WAY!!". He serves as the main antagonist of the SiIvaGunner lore.

The Voice was the one who rebooted SiIvaGunner, and replaced 7 GRAND DAD with The Simpsons and Family Guy, Loud Nigra with the Howie scream, and "Snow halation" with "GO MY WAY!!".

After the events of the High Quality Reboot, Chad sacrificed himself to save SiIva, and brought the voice with him.

However, The Voice stayed alive and reappeared in The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis, attempting a last time to kill "Snow halation" and all the anime.

Character Edit

Wood Man and the Voice

The Voice's contingency plan.

The Voice Inside Your Head's appearance was only revealed on Dec 14, 2016, but it was hinted at in a tweet from Nov 30[1]. It is the silhouette of a man, but with the head replaced by a pyramid and a purple eye in the middle.

The text-to-speech voice used for his voice is Graham (UK English) from Acapela Box[2].

The Voice hates anime a LOT, going as far as to call it "weeaboo idol shit". Ironically enough, in this rip from the reboot, he does a vocal cover of "GO MY WAY!!", which is "weeaboo idol music". He also likes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, saying that it isn't anime, but "manime".[3]

The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Edit

The Voice came back around 2016 Holiday season, and took over Grandiose City where SiIva and the memes live in. The Voice seems to have taken most of the memes during the prologue, but Smol Nozomi wasn't caught, perhaps because she is so smol. In "Seasonal Return", he kills the Cinderella Girls from THE iDOLM@STER on screen, as a warning. He then promises to destroy all "weeaboo anime bullshit".

Even though he hates the song, as seen in this rip, he does allow "Snow halation" to be used in rips.

In "No Place To Hide", he made a promise to Haltmann, one of his minions, something to do with his daughter. We still don't know what the Voice was talking about.

However, in "[AUDIOLOG: 1927, HEAD_OFFICE]", he is ousted by Inspector Gadget (who was created by Haltmann), who then takes over Silva's channel and twitter for a few weeks before Haltmann himself takes over after Gadget becomes fried from a DMCA request.

Trivia Edit

  • The Voice took over SiIva's twitter and his channel, much like Wood Man did.
  • Although not on the levels of anime, he has said that he hates The Nutshack during a stream.
  • As seen in a tweet posted, the Voice seems to enjoy pizza. It might be a reference to his pizza shaped head.
  • The current design for the Voice was most likely inspired by fan art created by Reddit user tammy-hell that was posted to GiIvaSunner subreddit during the Reboot.[4]

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References Edit

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