Topo's Groove Heaven - Brave Fencer Musashi is a high quality rip of "Topo's Groove Heaven" from the game Brave Fencer Musashi.

Memes Edit

The rip is actually a medley featuring dozens of references in a span of 15 minutes.[1]

Time Song name Source
0:31 Once Upon a Time Undertale
0:44 Gankplank Galleon Donkey Kong Country 2
0:58 Opening Theme Sailor Moon
1:11 Take On Me a-ha
1:25 Pokémon Center Pokémon Red & Blue
1:39 Eight Melodies EarthBound Beginnings/MOTHER
1:52 Crawling Linkin Park
2:05 Fancy Iggy Azalea
2:19 Pause Screen Wario World
2:32 Battle Theme Final Fantasy VII
2:46 Stage Select Mega Man 3
2:59 Main Theme Cheetahmen
3:12 Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters' Theme 2001 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
3:26 Snow halation µ's
3:40 Zelda's Lullaby The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
3:52 Dragostea Din Teï O-Zone
4:07 Yatta! Green Leaves
4:20 Crank That Soulja Boy
4:34 Main Theme Star Fox
4:47 DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! schmoyoho
5:01 Main Theme Monster Hunter
5:13 A Corner of Memories Persona 4
5:27 Someday the Dream Will End Final Fantasy X
5:42 Moon DuckTales
5:54 Gaur Plains Xenoblade Chronicles
6:08 Cooking By The Book LazyTown
6:22 Chocobo Theme Final Fantasy II
6:35 Fireflies Owl City
6:49 Keyboard Cat Meme
7:02 Creative Exercise Mario Paint
7:15 Megalovania Undertale
7:29 The Nutshack NUMP
7:43 Main Theme Shenmue
7:56 Fragments of Dreams Chrono Cross
8:10 Ground Theme Super Mario Bros.
8:23 Main Theme Final Fantasy
8:37 World Map Super Mario RPG
8:50 Season 1 Opening Pokémon anime
9:03 Battle 1 Chrono Trigger
9:17 Cagayake! GIRLS K-ON!
9:31 Better Off Alone Alice Deejay
9:44 Wicked Child Castlevania
9:57 Chocolate Rain Tay Zonday
10:11 Gourmet Race Kirby Super Star
10:24 Main Theme Super Smash Bros. Brawl
10:38 Lower Brinstar Super Metroid
10:52 Wii Shop Channel Wii
11:05 Gangnam Style PSY
11:19 Chill Penguin Mega Man X
11:31 Smiles and Tears EarthBound
11:46 Calamari Inkantation Splatoon
11:59 I'm Blue Eiffel 65
12:13 Enter Sandman Metallica
12:26 Built to Scale Rhythm Heaven
12:39 Main Theme Sonic the Hedgenog 3
12:53 Melodies of Life Final Fantasy IX
13:07 Totaka's Song Kazumi Totaka
13:20 Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley
13:34 Your Best Friend Undertale
13:47 Bland Logo ~ Title Back Final Fantasy Tactics
14:01 Sandstorm Darude
14:14 Main Theme Fire Emblem
14:27 Dota Basshunter
14:41 So Fresh, So Clean OutKast
14:55 Friday Rebecca Black
15:08 Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin

References Edit

  1. Reddit thread Topo's Groove Heaven - Brave Fencer Musashi compiled by 2ack and Youtube users