Not to be confused with: Undertale - Undertale and Undertale (Undertale Mix) - Undertale.

"Undertale (Unused Version) - Undertale" is a high quality medley rip on the SiIvaGunner channel of "Undertale" from the game Undertale, specifically the unused beta version.

Jokes list Edit

The song is mashed with several memes from the channel. A list of references included in the medley:

Time Stamp Track Source
0:34 Memory Toby Fox
1:06 Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
1:38 Snow halation Love Live!
2:40 Gangnam Style PSY
2:44 Megalovania Toby Fox
3:14 Chip tha Ripper, The Nutshack theme Chip tha Ripper, NUMP
3:30 Boulevard of Broken Dreams, steel drums playing POKEMON GO SONG!!! Green Day, Soulja Boy, Misha
3:45 All Star, Space Jam drums Smash Mouth, Quad City DJs
4:03 Snow halation, Meet the Flintstones Love Live!, Hoyt Curtin

Trivia Edit

  • The video description is a reference to Toby Fox's words when he released the unused version of Undertale on his Tumblr on September 13, 2016.[1]

References Edit

  1. Toby Fox. Untitled post. Tumblr. 13 September 2016. Web. Retrieved 25 June 2017. "Before the song 'UNDERTALE' was completed, it went through a completely different iteration."