Unnecessary Tension - Undertale is a rip of "Unnecessary Tension" from Undertale.

Jokes Edit

The base song is slowed down and mashed with the Nutshack theme song. At 0:14, the video cuts to getting BEANED!.

Trivia Edit

  • As with all other rips involving the Green de la Bean meme in early September 2016, this rip has since been removed from the SiIvaGunner channel and re-uploaded to the Flustered Fernando channel.
  • In the description for the Flustered Fernando re-upload of this rip, the section to list the platform says "BOY IF YOU DON'T GET". This is most likely a reference to this video posted on Vine by a user named Brian BlackA$$ in late 2014.[1]

References Edit

  1. "A Nigga been trending all day! y'all are hilarious with these edits!" @Brian_Blackass via Twitter