"Uwa!! So Holiday♫ - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Uwa!! So Holiday♫" from the game Undertale.


Jokes Edit

At 0:13 the rip turns into an unsynced mashup of the advertised track and "What You Want For Christmas" by Quad City DJ's, 69 Boyz, and K-Nock.

About five seconds later, the image switches from the standard Undertale logo to an image of the logo that's been poorly edited to better fit the mashup. This image shows the last four letters in "UNDERTALE" removed by scribbling it out and writing the phrase "SLAM!" over it and an image of the Annoying Dog with Charles Barkley's face and a Santa hat. The video has also been edited with various visual effects found on Windows Movie Maker.

At 2:22, the Space Jam theme song begins playing, also not synchronized.

At 4:28, the advertised track stops playing, leaving just the other two songs to keep playing.

The video ends after "What You Want For Christmas" stops playing, cutting the Space Jam theme off at about halfway through.

The catchphrase in the description is a reference to the dialogue structure found in Undertale.

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