"We Are Number One" is a song from LazyTown, a children's television show. It appears in the episode Robbie's Dream Team, in which Robbie Rotten, the antagonist of the show, designs his own group to stop Sportacus, a super-athlete teaches the kids of LazyTown to be healthy and exercise. The song is about Robbie trying to teach his dream team on how to catch superhero and be a villain.

Music Video Edit

The music video starts with Robbie Rotten asking his dream team (Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby Rotten) if they know how to catch a superhero. They say no and Robbie decides to show them. They try catching Sportacus in many different ways. These include a cage hanging from a branch (which traps Robbie), a large net, an apple with enough sugar in it to paralyze Sportacus, a smaller net, and banana peels that are supposed to be used for Sportacus to slip on, but instead affect Robbie's team.

The apple is effective and cause Sportacus to go unconscious and be carried off by the team into an underground location. Meanwhile, Robbie stays on the surface, setting up a cannon to drive Sportacus away. Howeverm his plan is thwarted by Stephanie, one of the kids that lives in LazyTown, when she delivers an apple to Sportacus through a tube. He eats the apple and gains strength to break free from his cage and lure Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby into playing soccer.

Robbie sees that the team is playing soccer and, in rage, goes over to the team while tripping over a bucket, which sends him into the cannon. The cannon sets off and Robbie goes flying. The end of the music video shows Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby falling into a pit they set for Sportacus.

SiIvaGunner popularity Edit

The rip "Hilltop Chase - Kirby Super Star Ultra" was uploaded to the SiIvaGunner channel on September 2nd by Nape Mango. The song didn't become a meme, however, until September 13th, when NBGMusic uploaded "We Are Number One - LazyTown: The Video Game" to the channel. The rip is a remix of We Are Number One with many memes from the SiIvaGunner channel mixed in. The rip was the first upload on the channel to receive one million views. The song became a meme outside of the channel, with some edits sitting at one million views as well. One of the notorious uploaders of these memes was MrMrMANGOHEAD, who became a controversial topic on the channel, due to his simplistic edits and overload of videos which still get many views. On December 11, Stefan Karl, the actor who portrays Robbie Rotten in LazyTown, preformed the song live with the dream team from the show and also released the stems for the song, which caused more remixes to appear.

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