"YO-KAI Disco - Mamorukun Curse!" is a high quality rip by SiIvaGunner from the game Mamorukn Curse! which is available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and arcade machines. The original track was composed by Yousuke Yasui.

Jokes Edit

The rip is a YouTube Poop Music Video that references a small amount YouTube videos and other memes, some of which have previously been incorporated in other rips on the channel.

Reference list Edit




0:00 Smooth ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 Santana
0:02 Minecraft With Gadget Cinemassacre
0:28 e (Euler's Number) Numberphile
0:45 "The Discobolus of Myron" with SiIvaGunner's face Late Severe period
1:18 Smooth ft. Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 Santana
1:10 Rock My Forum Xarlable
1:13 inspector chip tha ripper (Thumbnail hidden in the transition) Tammy
1:14 Lost: The Game Cardinal Games (Appears in Rock My Forum)
1:15 Jesus Fucking Christ Unknown (Appears in Rock My Forum)
1.36 Grand Dad 7 GRAND DAD
Meet the Flintstones Hoyt Curtin
Mario Night Fever Oditharge
1:47 7 Rock Form 7 GRAND DAD
Small Ray William Johnson
Michael Fontaine
1:58 Luigi VS Donald Duck - EPIC PIXEL BATTLE AMUNO
2:04 DJ GIF with Ray William Johnson's face =3
This Gif
"What?" in tune with record scratching Unknown

Lyrics Edit

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[Smooth - Santana]


Gadget: Mine - crap.
Building bricks bricks with Minecrap
is the best thing and the most amount of fun.

Mine - crap.
Mi mi mine - crap. Building bricks.
Mine - crap.
Mi mi mine - crap. Minecrap.
Mike: Hey everybody, I'm here with my good friend, Inspector Gadget. How you doin', Inspector Gadget?
Gadget; I'm having a lot of fun!

Mike: So you wanna do some reviews Inspector Ga-ga- gadget?
Gadget: I-I- I-I'm better than you are, so I should do the review.
Mike: Okay, alright well, Inspector Gadget's gonna do the review.
Gadget: You can shut up now. I'm always on duty.

James Grime: So e is an irrational number equal to
2.718281828... something.
The problem - with e is it's not defined by geometry.
Now π - is something that's defined by geometry.
[Pitch-shifted] right it's the ratio - of a circle's circumference and its diameter.
And it's something the ancient Greeks knew about.
We-e-e-e're gonna talk about e-e-e-e-e-e-e e!

[Pitch-shifted] The big famous constant e,
We're gonna talk about constant e,
The big famous constant e,
We're gonna talk about constant e,
The big famous constant e,
We're gonna talk about constant e,
The big famous constant e,
We're gonna talk about constant e! [Smooth - Santana]

[Rock my forum scratch transition]


[Rock my forum as Yo-kai Dance's melody]

Ray William Johnson: What's happening for-

Fo-Fo- Forum,
Fo-Fo- For-For- For-Forum

Fo-Fo- Forum,
Fo-Fo- For-For- For-Forum

[Rock my forum accompaniment & 7 GRAND DAD as Yokai Dance's melody]

[Rock my forum "Newt" & 7 GRAND DAD]


[Scratching sounds and voice from "Luigi VS Donald Duck - EPIC PIXEL BATTLE" in the background]

Luigi contre Donald Duck
Luigi contre Donald Duck

[YOKAI Disco accompaniment & saturated clips from AMUNO]


Yo les mecs c'est Donald Duck dans la place.
Oh tiens voilà, Luigi le flasque.
T'as intérêt -


Trivia Edit

  • At 2:25, the text for the =3 transition is replaced with the words "Epic Pixel Battle".
  • The name of the track, "【=3】e-MUNO Disco (vs. 音MAD AGENT)", references respectively Rock My Forum, James Grime, AMUNO and Inspector Gadget.
  • A different rip under the same name was uploaded to the GiIvaSunner channel on April 5, 2016,[2][3]
  • The rip was also uploaded to NicoNico by MtH.

References Edit

  1. Track description on Bandcamp
  2. GiIvaSunner via Twitter
  3. Reupload: YO-KAI Disco - Mamorukun Curse! (GiIvaSunner) by SirWall

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