"Your Best Nightmare (OST Version) - Undertale" is a high quality rip of "Your Best Nightmare" from the game Undertale.

Jokes Edit

This rip is a mashup of the advertised track and several songs by Aphex Twin.

Time Song
0:00 - 1:02 "Come to Daddy"
1:04 - 1:19 "Peek 824545201"
1:21 - 1:36 "54 Cymru Beats"
1:37 - 2:08 "Come to Daddy"
2:08 - 2:23 "Afx237 v7"
2:25 - 2:42 "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball"
2:42 - 3:05 "Come to Daddy"
3:11 - 3:27 "Yellow Calx"
3:28 - 3:43 "Windowlicker"
3:44 - 4:15 "Come to Daddy"
4:16 - 4:21 "Windowlicker"

At 1:09, the screen flickers a little bit with the tune of the rip. At 1:26, the screen quickly cuts to black and the phrase "AAA ..." can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

The catchphrase in the description is a reference to both a quote from the character Flowey and how the catchphrase was changed during the Reboot from "Please read the channel description." to "Read the channel description, please."

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